Classic Industrial Wichita Kansas Wedding

Okay, so I know I said I would be better at blogging, but life happens and I suck sometimes. I am vowing to myself that this year, I WILL BLOG CONSISTENTLY, and if I don't I give you all permission to smack me if you see me. Okay anyway! I though I would pick back up with one off y favorite weddings of all time. Lauren + Tayor Harding!

This wedding hit me in the feels, because I actually shot their elopement over a year ago. They decided to have their closest friends and family join them for a small intimate ceremony, but thought they still owed it to themselves to have a big wedding. And boy was it freaking worth the wait. 

The whole day was filled with love and joy, as two souls go to confess their love to all of their family and friends. Lauren started getting ready in the loft these two share, and we met up with Taylor later. Lauren and her gals were so inviting and literally down for whatever I asked of them. The first look with Lauren and her bridesmaids is one of my favorite moments I have ever photographed. To say I am obsessed with their love is an understatement, and in their pictures you can literally feel the love between them. I hope you enjoy these and it gives you a glimpse of what a special couple these two are. <3