About US


Hey everyone! My name is Katie Carlson. I'm a twenty-something photographer based in the Midwest, but travel anywhere to document outside of the box lovers. I'm an old soul who longs for adventure. I love listening to music and hanging out on the couch (netflix and chilllll) when I have free time. I live for cheesy 80's movies and being barefoot. I married my best friend Jake, he’s also my second shooter if you ever request one, in October of 2017. I tend to overthink and am not the best at decision making, but marrying him was the best and easiest decision of my life. We have three dogs, Daisy, Dude, and Reese. We are so obsessed with them, they literally are like our children. We love traveling, coffee, and food (seriously, we might be the biggest foodies you’ll ever meet). Our favorite thing to do is just be around each other, no matter what we are doing.

Hell Yeah's: Plants, Coffee, Leather Jackets, My Husbabe, T-Shirts & Jeans, Goldendoodles, Crepes, Chipotle, Essential Oils, Bare Feet, Traveling the World, Wild Flowers, The Color White, Mountains, Oversized Sweatshirts, Grey's Anatomy, Messy Hair, Rainy Days, Peanut Butter Toast, Container Homes, Peppermint Tea, Long Road Trips, Star Gazing, Guacamole, White Converse, Biscuits & Gravy, Yoga, & Reading.