Monochromatic Summer Kansas Wedding

Two blog posts in one night?! Say whatttt? I just had to blog this wedding since I literally just finished it and sent it off.

Emily and Ryan are two of the sweetest people I have ever met. I always love having engagement sessions to get to know a couple before their wedding day, but sometimes the stars don't align and that doesn't get to happen. It literally didn't feel like I had never really met them before their wedding day. They instantly felt like old friends, and their friends and family were so welcoming and sweet! It was super hot that day, and NO ONE complained about the heat, and everyhone was down for everything that I asked of them. I absolutely loved everything about their wedding. It was so simple and clean, yet still so classic and elegant.

It was everything a wedding should be, rolled into one. Full of love, people, and a huge dance floor. They paid attention to all the details, and everything fell into place so perfectly on the wedding day. We had so much fun run-in across rooftops of buildings downtown, and seriously had the most perfect light for all of the pictures. I cannot be happier with how they turned out, and I am so thankful they chose me to capture their day! <3