Mid Century Modern Kansas City In Home Session

DDDAAMMMNNN Katie, back at it again with the blogs. Hahahahah I had too.

Anyways, I am SOOOO excited to finally share this session with you all. This was one of my all-time favorites. In homes have been my go to lately for people that want to have there pictures taken but the weather doesn't cooperate. And who doesn't love an excuse to get dressed down and just hang out. My photog bestie, Hana Alsoudi, she's amaze and you should check her out, reached out to see if we wanted to work on a shoot together. We planned everything out, location and overall vibe wise, and we realized we were dreaming up a couple that we thought didn't exist. Wrong. We put out a model call, and Dev reached out to me and sent pictures of them eating pizza in their hammock, and I texted Hana real quick and was like "GOT EM," and she was just as obsessed as I was. 

We met up with these cuties at Hana's apartment in downtown Kansas City, and they brought some killer clothes and even better music to listen too, music always helps my couples relax. We asked them to sit on the bed, and then the magic just sort of happened. We laughed like the whole time, played in the sheets, and even broke Hana's closet door, so hopefully her apartment complex doesn't read this.. 

I love when couples just let everything go and connect with each other. There inso pressure, handle an directing, and it's so comfortable being behind the camera just watching everything happen. I absolutely love my job and all the people that I have been able to connect with because of it. Here are some of my favorite shots from this day!