Kansas Sun-Filled Anniversary Session Nikki+Tyler

Hey guys!! I'm back to blogging and I promise this time, I will be more consistent! I thought I would sit down today and blog one of my all time favorite sessions! Nikki & Tyler!

Nikki had reached out to me on social media and was telling me about how she lives in Utah, and she's a photographer that wanted to connect with some locals here to just hang out with and shoot around together! Her husband, Tyler, accepted an internship at a company here in Wichita. so they packed up and moved to here for the summer! I was so excited that these two gave me the opportunity to capture some of their love story here in Kansas! They are super cute, obvi, and we had some nice weather so I asked them if they wanted to shoot, and they were totally down. SO in love, absolutely adorable, and just very much my kind of peeps, so I was ecstatic when I got a yes! 

We made sure to run wild in some wheat fields, and take full advantage of the Kansas sunsets we are known for. Thank you guys again for allowing me to be part of your time here in this state! 

Much love,

Katie <3