Adventurous Antelope Island Couples Session-Brandon+Alyssa

Hey there guys! Sorry it's been so long! Life and just about everything else has gotten in the way of blogging! I'm so so excited to share this session with you all! It's been one of my favorites to date, and I think it will continue to be a favorite of mine for a long time. I traveled to Salt Lake City, Utah for my own engagements, SO exciting, and while I was there I was able to do a mentor session with Kylie Morgan, who is also my engagement/wedding photographer. She found the most perfect couples and we hung out on Antelope Island and got chased around my gnats & mosquitoes all night. She is AHMAZING. I highly recommend doing a mentor sesh with her if you are in that area! I learned so much and you will notice I am editing and shooting a lot more "me" if you will. I love dark and moody, but I didn't think it fit my vision of what I wanted for my business. So she sat down with me and helped e figure out a style that I could use across the board and that fit my vision for my business. It was seriously SO helpful. I cannot thank her enough! 

Back to the blog, Alyssa and Brandon were the most down to earth people I have ever met. We actually ended up crashing at their place the whole weekend! I can honestly say we made lifelong friends that weekend as well. Alyssa was styled by Bohme Boise, and her outfit was SO cute. As I said, we hung out on the island and drove around and even trespassed at one point, whoops! We all had so much fun! I hope you enjoy some of theses pictures as much as I do! I'll be catching up on blogging this week so stayed tuned! <3