Lexi & Tyler Engagements

I just shot my first engagement shoot of 2017. How crazy is that? Not even a month ago, I was totally considering giving up this little side gig that I didn't think would go anywhere, and all of the sudden, BAM. My inbox started filling up and I start booking sessions like crazy. It's tough working a full time job, trying to set up sessions, edit pictures, spend time with my fiance and still look like a human being, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. This couple contacted me about 4 hours before I met them to do pictures. Their photographer had cancelled on them last minute, and Lexi, happened to stumble across my work, and she messaged me wondering if I could fit them in that day. How on earth could I turn down an engagement shoot? The wind was super brutal and by the time it was over we were all frozen, but my heart was so full and warm. And my abs hurt from laughing so hard. Thank you guys so much for reaching out to me to take your engagement photos. I can't wait for your wedding in August!! Much love! XOXO