Working with us.


So you possibly want to Work with us?

Well hot damn, that means the freakin’ world! We love creating for the peeps that think outside of the box. The ones who break tradition and go with their gut. Edgy + rockstar brides, that aren’t afraid to do something different. I approach wedding photography like working on a piece of art. I want to tell your whole story, from start to finish, big or little. We love the BOLD + BADASS. Getting married in a church? DOPE! Getting married in the mountains?! Also super freaking rad. my favorite part weddings aren’t the details, the sparkler exits, or your dress (although I freaking love those too) the best part is documenting your story. it matters. to me, to you, to everyone that is important to you and loves you, and that is why if you value your relationship with each other and put that first, you are my ideal client.

Our goals

I try to make everyone feel as comfortable in front of the camera as possible. It’s actually one of my only talents, haha, which is why I do what I do. Trust me, I know it’s weird, and I actually don’t love getting my picture taken, so I can definitely relate to you. But my promise to you is you will feel like total babes, and you will LOVE your gallery when all is said and done. We are here to tell your story, and your story alone. We never compare or duplicate, because no two relationships are the same, so why should your pictures be?!

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I want to capture that real, raw love that is unique to you, And that most people hope to find. I want people to feel something when they look at my work. In 40 years, when your grandkids ask about the pictures hanging on your wall, I want them to able to feel the love and joy radiating from that old washed out picture. When memories start to fade and we start to lose people we love, pictures are all we have left and I love that I get to document the most important day of peoples lives. If you are picking up what I am putting down, click the button below to inquire!